Friday, 2009-09-04

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paulproteusakozak, ping15:25
akozakpaulproteus: heya15:25
paulproteusI have a few minutes to think about the cron job15:25
paulproteusSo here's the deal: If someone else is running that cron job not with my user ID, then I should remove the one that runs from my account.15:26
paulproteusIt's easy to do that - run "crontab -e" as my user on the machine it runs on (a6).15:26
paulproteusBut only I (or someone who switches to my account) is permitted to do that.15:26
paulproteusAlso, FWIW, I'm currently in the Newark airport, waiting for a flight to Rochester.15:26
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paulproteusakozak, Is it the case that I should disable my cron job, since someone else runs a fixed version?15:28
akozakpaulproteus: that would be good15:30
akozakI haven't started a cron job for the new location of the script15:30
akozakbut I will15:30
paulproteusakozak, disabling now15:30
paulproteus@hourly ~/cronjobs/update_opened.sh15:30
cchelpbot`paulproteus: Error: "hourly" is not a valid command.15:30
paulproteusThat's what was in my crontab.15:30
akozakpaulproteus: thanks :)15:31
akozakwhere is a users crontab btw?15:31
paulproteusYou type "crontab -e"15:31
paulproteusIt's hidden in a secret special system location.15:31
paulproteusYesterday's goal: INBOX 25015:37
paulproteusToday's: INBOX 20015:37
akozakWow, where does all that come from?15:44
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paulproteusAll what, the email?16:10
paulproteus...doesn't everyone get a thousand messages a day?16:11
paroneayeaif you count spam and hackerspace messages, yes :)16:20
paroneayeabut both spam and hackerspace are filtered and usually marked as read :)16:21
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paulproteusWell, most of mine are from monitoring. But a lot are from humans.16:30
paulproteusMailing lists get filtered to a separate folder, and I never even opened it during the summer.16:30
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paroneayeasorry, I will be back in a bit and make up the time... I have to bring my pet in for an emergency vet appointment :(19:39
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pyrakparoneayea, hope ze's okay!21:43
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paroneayearats are great, wonderful, loveable pets.  If only they weren't prone to such expensive medical issues :\22:29
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