Thursday, 2009-07-23

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job1431trading CC's02:13
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tim_hwanganyone got those hot digits?02:51
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ianwellertim_hwang: hi please read the /topic02:57
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greg-gianweller: :) I can vouch for tim_hwang02:58
pyraktim_hwang, pm me for d1g1tz02:59
ianwellergreg-g: hi :)02:59
greg-ghiya ianweller02:59
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greg-ghow are things going with POSSE?03:00
ianwellervery fun :)03:00
greg-gI've been reading the blog posts on the fedora planet03:00
greg-gawesome, just as it should be03:00
ianwellerthere's also the planet on the wiki03:00
greg-gwell look at that!03:01
ianwellergreg-g: of course it's probably also fun for me since i'm interning at red hat this summer, and this is my week up at the raleigh office03:03
greg-gianweller: that could be part of it :)03:03
ianwelleri feel special since i can open doors03:03
greg-ghanging out with awesome people is always great03:03
ianwellerof course.03:03
ianwellerfree culture is a social thing for me ;)03:03
ianwelleras well as a "hello job market"03:03
greg-ghahaha, yep03:04
ianwellerof course my supervisor wants me to hurry the hell up and graduate03:04
greg-gthats a good thing I suppose :)03:05
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tim_hwangianweller, sorry about that -- just kidding03:11
ianwellertim_hwang: ok i wasn't sure :)03:12
ianwellersorry for ranting03:12
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greg-gnkinkade: I assume our call will use the normal conference line?20:28
greg-g'our call' being tech team + me today20:29
nkinkadegreg-g: Are we even having the call?20:29
nkinkadeNathan seems to not be online.20:29
greg-gI thought we were, I could be mistaken20:29
nkinkadeIs he down in San Jose?20:29
nkinkadeDo you need to unload yourself of something? :-)20:30
greg-gI'll hop on the conf line and ping you if he shows up :)20:30
greg-ghaha, not really20:30
JED3nkinkade: no, he's here in the office20:30
nkinkadeYou're just going to lurk on the conference line greg-g?20:30
greg-gJED3: ohh, he's back already?20:30
nkinkadeJED3: What's the story with the meeting then?20:30
JED3i think he was only down there yesterday20:31
JED3not sure nkinkade20:31
nkinkadegreg-g: JED3:  Then I'll just wait for someone to alert me here if this meeting is really happening.20:32
greg-gI'm going off of the "Tech Sync call" email from 2 days ago20:32
JED3nkinkade: we're calling in now20:34
JED3greg-g: ^^20:34
greg-gcool, I'm there20:35
greg-gdigging the funky hold music20:35
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nkinkadenathany: The Greek Deeds I just generated are showing up in English.20:54
nkinkadeIt's probably because of this in licenses.xml: <languages>gr</languages>20:55
nkinkadeHow could that blunder have escaped us all this time?20:55
nkinkade... and I'm sure it was me who made it.20:55
nathanynkinkade: you mean the default deed (filename: deed) is in english?20:58
nathanynkinkade: yeah, that'd definitely do it20:58
nkinkadeProbably because ther e is no such language as "gr"20:58
nkinkadeBut I haven't edited that part in a long time, so it must have been wrong for many months.20:59
* nkinkade runs mkdeeds again for gr and -20:59
nathanynkinkade: right21:01
nkinkadeBut on the bright side deed.el is looking nice.21:01
nkinkadeSo their new PO file helped, and Ελληνικά is now an option in the header.21:01
nkinkadenathany: I also uploaded ccsearch.po and django.po for GR.  The uploaded without issue, so there's something strange with GR and cc_org.  But the commit for ccsearch.po said "not under version control."  and there was some other error when I tried to commit the ccnetwork one.21:03
nkinkadeI can fix the ccsearch one, but I wasn't sure what to make of the ccnetwork one.21:03
nathanynkinkade: ok, can you open a ticket for me to look @ the ccnetwork issue?21:05
nkinkadeI think it may be a post/pre-commit error.  I'll open a ticket if it's not something that I can figure out.21:06
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pyraklaptop just crashed, perhaps due in part to the load from generating these js template files21:10
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JED3nathany: ping22:40
JED3not important, is youre busy22:40
nathanyJED3: what's up?22:41
JED3a quick emacs question that I am having trouble finding an answer for on google22:42
JED3how would you config emacs to always use the file-system version of file, for my particular use case its for when i am switching btwn branches in git22:43
JED3does that make sense?22:44
nathanyi think so22:44
nathanywhen i switch branches and go to edit a file, if it's changed on disk emacs prompts me about whether i really want to edit it22:44
nathany(is that what you're asking about?)22:44
JED3yes, I don't get that prompt22:44
nathanyunfortunately (for you), I didn't do anything to get that behavior22:44
nathanyit just happens22:45
nathanyout of the box22:45
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