Monday, 2009-07-13

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* pyrak notices the acronym for "windmill testing framework," and chuckles17:21
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Whitespacegreg-g: Hey Greg, you there?17:42
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greg-gWhitespace: I am17:44
WhitespaceI am look to buy many credit cards, can you help me?17:45
greg-ghaha, no17:45
WhitespaceHey, I'm the admin of  I saw you signed up recently, and I checked your blog out.  I'm impressed with your copyright-fu!17:46
greg-gWhitespace: oh, hey, right on. I just emailed you about our call tomorrow. Does that 2pm EST/1pm CST time work?17:46
WhitespaceSounds good to me, but I let Joe (my business partner) handle all of that.17:47
Whitespace(I actually didn't know we had a phone meeting until now)17:47
greg-goh yeah, it was Joe17:47
greg-gto talk about the Open.Michigan project, and how we create cheaper OER17:48
WhitespaceSounds awesome!17:48
greg-gYes, I work for both organizations, CC and Open.Michigan17:48
WhitespaceWell, I hunted you down because I wanted to schedule a phone call, but since one is scheduled already I'll just hold my questions for tomorrow :D17:49
greg-gAwesome, sounds great.17:49
Whitespacettyl then!17:49
greg-gyep, take care.17:49
Whitespace(I'm Tom, by the way)17:49
WhitespaceBack to programming!17:50
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greg-gsometimes I feel I shouldn't have wrote that blog post about #CC and credit cards17:51
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JED3nkinkade: ping20:03
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pyrakcan i use virtualenv or something else to temporarily revert my version of python from 2.6 to 2.5 ?22:33
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JED3for jswidget?22:34
akozakBovinity: I talked with Tomas last week a bit about using some of his presentation designs for SJ 2.0... any thoughts on that?22:34
pyrakJED3, actually, this time it's for validator22:34
JED3ohh okay22:34
pyraknot sure if reverting to 2.5 will solve all my problems, but it might22:34
pyrakJED3, maybe i should just come bother you22:35
JED3pyrak: sure22:35
Bovinityakozak: i saw that. which presentation style?22:36
nkinkadeBovinity: Is AIM working for you?22:37
akozakBovinity: Not really sure yet, all I've seen is what he showed at the lunch.22:37
Bovinitynkinkade: yup22:37
nkinkadeThe Internet has been up and down for me, and now it's back up but not connecting to AIM.22:37
akozakBovinity: Would you object to him putting in some time into whipping up a template or two for us?22:37
akozakBovinity: not from scratch, from existing work22:38
Bovinityakozak: well the idea was to make a new generic cc slide deck and theme22:39
Bovinitynkinkade: i see you now22:39
nkinkadeBovinity: Yeah.  It seems to have just started working agian.22:39
akozakBovinity: ohh, I thought his projects were specifically for the board report22:39
Bovinityakozak: he did the board report, and a new cc slide theme/intro presentation22:40
akozakBovinity: Ok, that's awesome.  So no extra work needed then.22:40
akozakBovinity: are they almost done22:40
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Bovinityakozak: i believe so, yes22:47
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