Monday, 2009-05-25

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mikechelenanyone know some examples of what is and is not considered commercial usage under CC license?08:35
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ZarxI found some music on ccmixter i would like to use in a video. On ccmixter it gives me a link and says I need to use that link in my work... but as I'm making a video, you cant have a clickable link inside a video19:27
Zarxis there some information I can just include in the video?19:27
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balleyneZarx: could you include the URL in credits at the end of the video? Not sure that being "clickable" really matters19:37
balleyne(just a thought, not sure what best practice is)19:38
ianwelleryeah just paste the url in the credits. use a service like tinyurl if you need to19:40
Zarxactually its more than a url, its a whole DIV tag full of stuff19:43
Zarxon the right hand side where it says "click here for how to give credit"19:44
Zarxit makes it sound like i HAVE to put that code somewhere, so thats what i was confused about19:44
ianwelleryeah that's if you're on a web page19:44
ianwellerthe only "have to" part is his name, with a link.19:45
ianwellerso "blah by mykleanthony at"19:45
Zarxok, thanks19:45
paulproteusAlso the license URI has to be included in the attribution.19:56
paulproteusThis is discussed in the CC FAQ.19:56
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greg-ghola (de espana)22:15
Sterenยก Ola greg-g !22:43
greg-gheya Steren!22:47
greg-gI saw your comment on Dan's photo of me22:47
greg-gwhy aren't you here? You would have a blast. You should attend the next UDS in Europe.22:48
Sterengreg-g: yeah I was sure that browsing some UDS pictures will lead to you :)22:48
greg-gbut, I really need sleep, we'll talk later now that I am in a European timezone for a week. have a good night, Steren22:49
Sterenhave a good night too22:50
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