Friday, 2009-05-01

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nkinkadenathany: Goodmorning.14:41
nathanymorning, nkinkade14:41
nkinkadeDoes the chooser return HTML character codes for languages like Thai to avoid character encoding issues and what not?14:41
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nathanynkinkade: i think so; if i recall correctly, it's behavior we get "for free" since we're generating things with XSLT14:43
nathanyis someone complaining?14:43
nkinkadeSomewhat.  Someone says that it displays fine when put directly into some HTML document, but that somehow inclusion in some java servlet is giving them issues.14:44
nkinkadeI had explained in a previous email that it was to avoid character encoding issues, but just wanted to be sure that this was it.14:44
nathanysure :)14:45
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nathanynkinkade: how do I ssh into the backup machine here?15:37
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Bovinitynkinkade: ping?17:00
nkinkadeBovinity: hey17:02
nkinkadeI'm on vacation today, but I'll be in, out and around.17:02
nkinkadeWhat's up?17:02
Bovinitysure, just a quick q17:02
Bovinitywhen became, was a new wiki DB created, or was it cut over?17:02
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm nearly certain that the old database was used.17:04
nkinkadeThat is was just some shuffling of directories and domain names.17:04
Bovinitynkinkade: weird, ok...17:05
nkinkadeWhat happened?17:05
nkinkadeI wasn't the one who made the cut-over, so I can't be certain.17:05
Bovinityi'm looking for some historical content that appears to be missing, maybe the uploads associated with it are gone17:05
nathanyBovinity: I believe paulproteus made the cutover17:12
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paulproteusCut-over, yeah.17:41
Bovinityis good, i found the content i was looking for17:41
paulproteusPossibly the uploads. What content?17:41
paulproteusOkay, cool.17:41
Bovinityhooray for restoring deleted items17:41
paulproteusHooray for pizza day!17:42
paulproteus-- The Aquabats!17:42
Bovinityeverything's comin' up millhouse!17:42
Bovinityexcept when "show preview" is a POST instead of a GET...17:43
paulproteusThat makes sense, no...?17:43
paulproteusI guess not, it doesn't modify server-side state.17:44
Bovinityand not when i want to send the preview url in an email17:44
* paulproteus nods17:44
* johndoigiii opens his application email to verify that I wasn't that bad18:20
nathanyjohndoigiii: it wasn't18:25
johndoigiiilooking for my Lisp fork of RoR, 1 sec18:26
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paulproteusCobol on Cogs:
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isforinsectspaulproteus: ping... again18:49
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paulproteusisforinsects, pong18:51
isforinsectsI have a server for you18:51
paulproteusPM, then?18:51
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axeloteHello! I got a question: Can I use non-CC fonts if I want to license my work under CC-BY-SA?19:06
axeloteI mean, can I make it very clear that some parts of my work are non free?19:08
Bovinityaxelote: yes, probably wise to leave a note with or near your work informing non-free fonts are used19:20
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axelotenobody knows?19:37
axeloteBovinity, thanks19:37
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mecredis_paulproteus: around?21:01
paulproteusmecredis, ya21:04
paulproteusbrb, phone, but feel free to queue questions to me21:07
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