Thursday, 2009-04-23

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nathanypaulproteus: SYN15:10
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nathanynkinkade: can you hop on a7 and help me figure out what's going on?15:15
nathanyit seems to just be hammered15:15
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nkinkadenathany: I suspect it's gitweb.15:17
nkinkadeI'm on a7 right now.15:17
nathanynkinkade: how do i kill that?15:17
nkinkadeLot's of apache processes.15:18
nathany(and why do you suspect that?)15:18
nkinkadeBecause viewgit was the first thing to get an alert.15:18
nathanymakes sense15:18
nathanycan you try and disable that?15:18
nkinkadenathany: I just disabled it, and things seem better already.15:20
nathanynkinkade: great15:20
nathanyis it a cgi?15:21
nathanylet me channel paulproteus for a second15:21
nathany"why don't we just fcgi process cycle the mofo?!"15:21
nathany(i'm kidding)15:21
nkinkadeWell, we've known that gitweb can cause these problems.15:22
nkinkadebut they haven't cropped up in a while.15:22
nathanyiirc we switched to cgit for a second to take advantage of caching/C-based, right?15:22
nkinkadeYeah, that's right.15:22
nathanyso how does it run now? as a CGI?15:23
nkinkadeThere was some version of gitweb that has caching, or does something to be less resource intensive.15:23
nkinkadeI think it's still in development??15:23
nkinkadeYeah, it's gitweb.cgi15:23
nkinkadeI wonder if paulproteus will have some input on this now?15:23
nkinkadea7 isn't terribly busy in terms of bytes, but it's processor usage is really high all the time.15:24
nkinkadeI think is has to do with the fact that I disabled APC a while back because of those login problems with the wiki, but it could also be gitweb.15:25
nathanynkinkade: paulproteus is off today... I'm leaning towards leaving gitweb off for a few hours (or a day) until we can think about this a bit15:25
nathanyit's annoying but not unlivable w/o it15:25
nathanynkinkade: i love the loadaverage graph on that pge15:26
nkinkadeI'm pretty happy with that cacti setup.15:26
nkinkadeIt's good information for us that we weren't capturing before.15:26
nathanynkinkade: did you see the email re: estonian? i can't remember if we have a project started there or not...15:28
nkinkadenathany: I haven't read that that email yet.15:28
nathanyok, no hurry15:28
nkinkadenathany: Did you figure anything about about cc.engine and the 500 error with mkdeeds?15:29
nathanynkinkade: not yet, just got in and noticed a7 barfing15:30
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nathanyi'm going to skim through email and then take a look15:30
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nathanynkinkade: can you disable nagios for viewgit until we restore it?15:56
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nkinkadenathany: Yeah, sorry.15:58
nathanynkinkade: no problem15:58
nkinkadeLet me try re-enabling gitweb for a minute.15:58
nkinkadeJust so you know how I did it, I just commented out the ScriptAlias line in the vhost config for, the reloaded Apache.15:59
nkinkadeNope.  As soon as I reenabled it, things got slow again.16:01
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nathanynkinkade: i think i've fixed mkdeeds (sort of) but i need to merge from turnk to production16:28
nathanyi have a meeting now, will do it immediately following16:28
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.  As soon as that works, I'll start a huge batch of Deed generation for the ones you specified.16:30
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johndoigiiinkinkade: did I catch that you were moving to south america yesterday on the call or was that my imagination?16:35
nkinkadejohndoigiii: I've got a friend who has a place in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  Since my lease was running out, I decided to just go work from there for a little while before I sign a new lease.16:41
johndoigiiioh wow, that sounds amazing16:41
nkinkadeThe place is on an island and quite remote, and very rustic, to say the least.16:42
nkinkadeBut it has Internet, and the idea is that it's a place where tech workers who work remotely could go for a month or two to work in an interesting setting.16:43
nkinkadeWe'll see how it goes.16:43
johndoigiiinkinkade: this is such a great idea16:53
nkinkadejohndoigiii: If you're interested, just let me know, and I can put you in touch with Ulrich, who used to live in the Bay area as well.16:55
nkinkadeIn fact, a couple just left a few weeks ago.  The guy is a Ruby developer and he and his wife went down for a few months while he developed a website for a client.16:56
paulproteusnkinkade, nathany hi16:56
paulproteuswas asleep16:56
paulproteusHeh re: fcgi gitweb16:56
nkinkadepaulproteus: Hi.16:57
nkinkadeI've totally taken over #cc to talk about things not related to CC.16:57
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nkinkadeNot directly related, that is.16:57
nkinkadeBut indirectly related since a CC employee will be there for a little while.16:57
nkinkadepaulproteus: Any new thoughts about gitweb?16:58
paulproteusWell, cgit is still a million times better than gitweb performance wise.16:58
paulproteusThe only reason we don't use is is that we're sad to break URLs.16:58
paulproteusThat and it didn't integrate properly with gitosis, right.16:58
nkinkadeDo we need this:16:58 (gitweb w/ caching) by John 'Warthog9' Hawley. Adds gitweb-specific caching support on top of generic gitweb. Split into many smaller modules.16:59
paulproteusBut I have a shell script hack for #2, and I don't mind breaking URLs at this rate.16:59
paulproteusgitweb is always going to be super slow.16:59
paulproteusWe can cache its output, but cgit is probably faster than gitweb + caching.16:59
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nkinkadepaulproteus: I can't remember now, but part of the reason were some segfaults that we couldn't figure out, right?16:59
paulproteusIt's just architected tragically.16:59
paulproteusnkinkade, Oh, yeah, I do remember that too. But cgit has progressed since then; maybe it just doesn't segfault like that anymore.17:00
nkinkadeMaybe it's time to revisit cgit?17:00
nkinkadeIt would be a bit of a pain in the short-term, and perhaps URLs might change, but I see it as part of the FRRS program that nathany has us on? ;-)17:00
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nkinkadeWe can't really afford to have the wiki and teamspace go down whenever someone decides to hit gitweb with a lot of request, or when a rogue spider nails it.17:01
nkinkadeIt just seems like a timebomb that's bound to go off now and then,  like it did this morning.17:02
paulproteusI agree whole-heartedly.17:02
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paulproteusnathany, FWIW the FCGI approach is a strategy to make web apps run for *shorter* periods of time; Python web apps generally think they can run forever and serve out requests until the end of days.17:03
paulproteusgitweb is based on the opposite principle: CGI, which is one exec() per request.17:03
nathanypaulproteus: i was being 100% facetious ;)17:04
paulproteusI know, I just thought I'd use the opportunity to be pedantic anyway.17:04
nathanypaulproteus: natch17:04
johndoigiiinkinkade or paulproteus: the URL for a license will ALWAYS be "<licensecode>/<jurisdiction>/<version>/" ? ... with the exception of Unported licenses17:04
nathanyjohndoigiii: /licenses/<code>/<version>/<jurisdiction>/17:05
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nathanyjohndoigiii: (with the jursidiction clause possibly omitted)17:06
nathanylotia: did you ever get the office to watch Helvetica?17:06
nathanywe went and saw Objectified last night17:06
johndoigiiihow was it17:06
nathanysame sort of feel as Helvetica, but broader in scope so more interesting interviews, etc17:07
nathanyBovinity was there as well17:07
johndoigiiiI actually just watched Helvetica the other night, i was very impressed (still have to finish the 2nd half tho)17:07
Bovinityvery inspirational17:07
Bovinityas a designer17:07
johndoigiiioh very cool, I saw the trailer for it, was there much HCI talk?17:07
nathanyjohndoigiii: none at all17:08
Bovinitya little on information design17:09
nathanynkinkade: i just merged my mkdeeds work17:09
nathanya couple notes:17:09
nathany1) it still seems to hang... boo17:09
johndoigiiiohh okay, just curious if they went into the "non-tangible realm"17:09
nathanybut 2) it now logs progress as you go so you should be able to accurately tell when it's done17:09
lotianathany: nope, but i watched it myself17:10
nathanyand 3) it still uses a testing framework to drive things but removes a layer of indirection (no more functional testing layer)17:10
lotianathany: and it was awesome17:10
nathanylotia: cool; then you'd probably love Objectified, too17:10
Bovinitythe evening was let down by a shitty Q&A session17:10
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nkinkadenathany: I'll svn up and give it a go.17:10
nathanyBovinity: true; "so you're saying good design is subjective?" Duh, mofo!17:11
nkinkadenathany: So you've now experienced the fact that mkdeeds won't release the terminal?17:11
nathanynkinkade: yes :(17:11
nkinkadeNothing ctrl-z won't handle, so no biggie.17:11
nathanynkinkade: and now you should be able to tell when it's done17:11
nkinkadeI could before too because it would say Finished and OK.17:12
johndoigiiihaha its only objective if there's a big white apple on it somewhere17:12
nathanynkinkade: i'm 99% sure things are fixed, but you should yell if the deeds look more weird than usual when you're committing17:12
nathany(really, i spot checked, but it's slightly different now so thought a second set of eyes would help)17:12
nkinkadeI'll look for big things.  Something small might escape my attention.17:13
nathanynkinkade: sounds good17:14
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nkinkadenathany: How do you feel about reverting to cgit again?17:16
* lotia is unhappy because he can't connect to non-standard ports from irssi on his shell machien17:16
nathanynkinkade:  i suppose i'm fine with it... we left it due to segfaults?17:17
nathany(and it's static, iirc?)17:17
nkinkadenathany: I *think* that's why we left it, but can't remember now.17:18
nkinkadenathany: mkdeeds just failed again, looks like it's trying to fetch a real URL:17:18
nkinkadewebtest.AppError: Bad response: 500 Internal Server Error (not 200 OK or 3xx redirect for http://localhost/
lotianathany: you mentioned you saw objectified?17:19
nathanynkinkade: sigh17:20
nathanylotia: yup17:20
nathanynkinkade: let me try to reproduce locally17:20
nathanynkinkade: i don't suppose you get a clearer traceback, do you?17:21
nkinkadeShould it be trying to fetch a URL like that, or is that URL specious?17:21
nathanynkinkade: i think it's made up and intercepted by the testing layer; i'm looking at it closer now17:21
nathanynkinkade: are you working on... a6?17:23
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, a6.17:23
nkinkadeI'm trying to cut-n-paste the full backtrace into pastebin.  Just having issues with cut-n-paste in screen. :-)17:24
nathanynkinkade: what's the commandline? i can try to re-run as you on a617:25
nathany(it's working for me locally)17:25
nkinkade./bin/mkdeeds -j us -o ~/cc_svn/license.rdf/trunk/licenses/17:27
nathanynkinkade: can i kill your existing run so i can get the lock?17:28
nkinkadeTry it now.17:29
nathanynkinkade: nope, i'm going to kill the other run17:30
nkinkadeKill whatever you need to kill.17:30
nathanynkinkade: try running it now17:33
nathanylooks like an encoding problem (again)17:33
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mecredisnathany: there?17:35
nathanymecredis: yup17:35
mecredisjust wanted to figure out your NYC departure_time17:35
nathanyoh, one second17:35
nathanymecredis: my flight doesn't leave until 630p on Monday17:36
nathany(from JFK)17:36
mecredisthats great17:36
nathanymecredis: yeah, so that Plum meeting should be fine17:37
mecredisalso want to book another meeting17:38
mecredisdm'd you about it17:38
nkinkadenathany: Seems to be working now.  mkdeeds is much more chatty now. :-)17:38
nathanynkinkade: yeah :)17:38
nathanymecredis: on Twitter? i don't see it17:41
* nathany is a moron17:41
Bovinitynathany: as expected, the publicdomain license engine page title changes worked fine ;)17:44
nkinkadenathany: mkdeeds was going along, then it dumped a Deed to the terminal:18:01
nkinkade2009-04-23T10:55:01 INFO root Generating sl for
nkinkadeResponse: 200 Ok18:01
nkinkadeContent-Type: text/html;charset=utf-818:01
nkinkade<lots of HTML>18:01
nkinkadeIt doesn't seem to be doing anything now.18:01
nathanynkinkade: one second18:02
johndoigiiinathany let me redo the po file, now that there were just changes to the pd/templates18:03
nathanyjohndoigiii: i don't think they'll impact what you did18:03
nathanyoh, what you committed...18:03
nathany(not what alex did, right?)18:03
johndoigiiiohh okay, just looked over diffs, should be fine18:04
nathanygreat, thanks18:04
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nathanynkinkade: i'm not sure what's going on; that doesn't seem to be problematic for me18:05
nathanynkinkade: oh, wait18:05
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nathanynkinkade: hrm...18:05
nathanycan you scroll back and see what the HTML says?18:05
nathany(ie, is it a deed? error message?)18:05
nkinkadeIt's just an entire Deed.18:05
nkinkadeNo error message, I see headers and all.18:06
nathanynkinkade: oh, it looks like i left a print statement at the end of the run18:07
nathanyare you sure it's a deed and not the contents of
nathany(which is what it's set to print (stupidly)18:08
nkinkadenathany: You're right, it's just /licenses18:09
nkinkadeDoes that mean it finished?18:09
nathanyi'm updating it now to print a completion message18:09
nkinkadeOh, good.18:09
nathany(sorry about that)18:09
nkinkadeNo problem, I just didn't know what to make of raw of HTML being spit out. :-)18:09
nathanyyeah, i just merged a change that will log a "complete" message when done instead :)18:10
nkinkadeI'll commit these US Deeds, then start a huge batch for various locales.18:10
nkinkadeI'm getting >50% packet loss on this network.  I'm going to drop off and reboot the route, which is known to have problems.18:11
nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you know how to implement this easily?:
paulproteusNot off the top of my head but I won't be around much today; ask me again tomorrow.18:41
nathanynkinkade: yes18:42
nathanylet me find the docs18:42
nkinkadepaulproteus: Sorry, I forgot you were off today.18:43
nkinkadenathany: Thanks.18:43
paulproteusNo problem, I can chat a little (-:18:44
paulproteus(where needed)18:44
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Bovinityangelfire... it's like the 90s never ended...
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GPH-LaptopIs there some place that documents the changes between license versions, without providing extensive commentary?21:12
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN21:28
nkinkadenathany: Deeds are generating on a6 in a screen session.21:29
nkinkadethe Unported and US ones are done and committed.  Now just doing a batch job of all the locales en_ locales and cs.21:30
nathanyawesome, thanks21:30
nathanynkinkade: do you know who is supposed to own the cc_engine files so that the post-commit hook runs correctly?21:30
nathanywhen I commit to i18n, paulproteus's script barfs with an error... it looks like it expects them to be owned by you? not sure21:31
nkinkadenathany: Not sure, but I would image pootle????21:31
nathanynkinkade: no, ownership of the i18n checkout used by cc.engine21:31
nkinkadeOh.  I'm not sure about that.21:32
nathanyyeah, me either21:33
nkinkadeAre they not owned by nathan?21:33
nkinkadeI thought that's what most other stuff was owned by.21:34
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paulproteusnathany, ACK21:49
nathanypaulproteus: i opened a ticket for you21:49
paulproteusMy scripts do have expectations assumptions21:49
paulproteusI can do the chowning. I just codified whatever was the case.21:49
paulproteusresolved, thanks for the ping21:53
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paulproteusBovinity, Very nice (-:21:56
Bovinitypaulproteus: hmm?21:57
paulproteusre: PDFs in JS21:57
Bovinityah, that was nathan.. i found the retro 90s angelfire page21:57
paulproteusAh, right on.21:58
paulproteusI also loaded that; very nice too (-:21:58
paulproteusAlso that comment is *amazing* (re: PSD file format)21:59
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paulproteusNo Nathans in here. It's lonely.22:23
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Bovinityhe would be glad to know i fixed the firefox printing bug23:01
Bovinitybut alas23:01
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