Tuesday, 2009-02-24

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paulproteusAh hah, Ubuntu. (-;00:06
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paulproteusnkinkade, Excellent plan.00:14
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nkinkadea5 is down for some reason16:53
nkinkadeCould be a transient network problem at ServerBeach but I'm rebooting just in case.16:53
nkinkadeIt's back up now.17:03
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nkinkadenathany: I'm looking at all the MW extensions we can git-svn, then turn into submodules.  There are about 16.18:58
nkinkadeYet, I sense that it's a very rare case where we edit the code of an extension.18:58
nkinkadeI'm wondering if a reasonable solution would be to just pull them in with subversion and git ignore them.18:59
nkinkadeShould it become necessary to modify the code, then we can create a repo and make it a submodule.18:59
nathanyi'm not sure what you mean by "git ignore" them18:59
nathanyseems like a very manual upgrade process then if you're just doing checkouts into the installation19:00
nathanyor am i missing something?19:00
nkinkadeIt just seems like a lot of tap dancing and complication for some functionality that we'll probably never need for most of the extensions.19:00
nkinkadeIt would only be a matter of "svn up" for each of the extensions we wanted to upgrade.19:00
nkinkadeAnd that could be easily automated with a bash script.19:01
nathanyi think that's still a pain, since you'd ideally be checking out a tag or branch so you'd have to svn switch to a different tag/branch (or specific rev for a release)19:01
nkinkadeWhat I mean by "git ignore" then is to pull them into the local mediawiki git tree with subversion, then tell git to ignore them.19:01
nathanyso i'm not sure how you'd automate the switching with bash... i guess you could mod the script every time there was a release to switch all the extensions to the most recent version19:02
nkinkadeIt just seems like jumping through hoops to create 15 or 16 diff. git repositories for each and every MW ext. we've got, then running git-svn on them every single day, then set them up as submodules.19:03
nkinkadeI guess it's mostly automated once the initial setup is done.19:03
nathanyi thought we already had the repositories created and that paulproteus's scripts automated most of that19:03
nkinkadeWe've got repositories for may 4 or 5 of them.19:04
* paulproteus waves19:04
paulproteusIt's not much work at all to import another one or ten.19:04
paulproteusI'd just need to know which ones.19:04
paulproteusThen in about ten minutes it'd be done.19:04
paulproteusWell, it'd be started; it'd take ca. 1h to finish the import.19:04
paulproteusAt least, it's really quick for me to do it, and I'm happy to be the one to do it.19:05
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'll send you, and nathany, the list that I've compiled so far.19:05
paulproteusnkinkade, Cool. Make sure to send me svn URLs with it.19:05
nkinkadeI've already got them in a file.19:06
nathany(one does wonder if svn:externals + vender branches aren't actually easier to write tools to automate against...)19:06
nathanybut nevermind19:06
paulproteusvender bender19:06
nathanyso this may be a stupid question, but why don't we have repos for these already? i thought the tooling, repos, etc were "ready to go" for this19:06
paulproteusThat's what I thought, too.19:07
paulproteusThere's a whole lot of .gitmodules in our MW skeleton, I thought.19:07
nkinkadeWe started, but that was as far as it got.19:07
nathanyi guess we just haven't actually tried to use this?19:07
nkinkadeIt was somewhat tried by Steren with Acawiki, and if I recall he ran into some problems, though I can't remember what.19:08
nathanypaulproteus: you need to document how you manage the process of mirroring things; i sort of hate (no, really dislike) that you're getting sucked into this for the second day in a row19:08
paulproteusYeah, I can agree with that.19:08
nathanynot that it's anyones fault, i'd just like to avoid making you the choke point for everything :)19:09
paulproteusYesterday was unavoidable, I'd say, and this will be ca. 10 minutes' worth. But I agree; I'll file a ticket... (-:19:09
nkinkadeIt's the Bus Factor again.19:10
nkinkadeAnd there are buses everywhere, and our factor is frequently 1.19:10
paulproteusI even ride buses sometimes.19:11
nathanythe horror19:11
paulproteusThat's not even the worst of it.19:11
paulproteusSometimes I bike next to them.19:11
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paulproteusBovinity, Do me a favor and go to learn.creativecommons.org/community/ , log in, and change your skin preference to Ahab.20:16
paulproteusDo you have a better idea for placing these boxes than just jamming them under the display image?20:16
paulproteusI'm going to go have lunch and get to the office while you consider that.20:16
paulproteus(or nathany or nkinkade or anyone else)20:16
paulproteusIt's no longer the default because it didn't have a login or edit link, which is rather odd.20:16
nkinkadepaulproteus: Earlier I renamed a one of the MW extension git repositories, which I realized will surely break your git-svn magic.20:21
paulproteusOn code-dot?20:22
nkinkadecategorytree.git --> mw-ext_categorytree.git20:22
paulproteusOkay, cool. Just file an issue against Code and I'll resolve it.20:22
nkinkadeI was thinking that we should name these MW extension with a common prefix.20:22
nkinkadeDoesn't matter what, just so long as they can be easily identifiable and preferably grouped in the project list.20:22
nkinkadeSo, paulproteus, I don't know where are in the process, but would give them a common prefix, whatever makes sense to you?  mw-ext_<extenstion name>.git was what occurred to me.20:24
paulproteusI was thinking a subdirectory might be nice.20:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: Even better!  I didn't know you could have subdirectories.  If it's possible, then that makes more sense that a prefix.20:33
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nkinkadenathany: I'm thinking to just setup monitor with normal extensions for now, then later when all those git-svn repos are ready I can replace the extensions one by one with git submodules.21:12
nkinkade... to expedite getting these wikis going.21:12
nathanysounds good21:13
nkinkadepaulproteus: By the way, I got dspam working last night ... turns out all my woes were due to the opt-in feature.21:13
nkinkadenathany: Off the top of your head can you think of any extensions that will be absolutely critical right away?21:14
nkinkadeI'll install just the bare minimum for now.21:14
nathanyI really don't know21:15
nkinkadeIn that case, I'll just start of with only the ones I personally think it should have.21:15
nkinkadeWhich will be just a couple.21:15
Bovinitynathany: are you going to add the new deed popups, or shall I keep on working on the deed?21:44
nathanyif you can keep handling the mock-uped-ness, that'd be great21:44
nathanyonce people agree on things i can translate it into ZPT and extract i18n strings21:45
paulproteusBovinity, Any thoughts about ze boxes?22:07
paulproteus<paulproteus> Bovinity, Do me a favor and go to learn.creativecommons.org/community/ , log in, and change your skin preference to Ahab.22:07
paulproteusActually I made it the default again.22:11
paulproteusBovinity, http://learn.creativecommons.org/community/For_Learners for example22:12
paulproteusOT: http://www.stablecafe.com/ is tasty22:21
paulproteusAlso the huge doors look fantastic.22:21
nkinkadepaulproteus: We've got that meeting with Jen in a few minutes.22:25
nkinkadeShe may be on a call with Diane for a few extra minutes.22:25
paulproteusnkinkade, Yup.22:25
nkinkadeShall we start now and quickly test that mic and speakers that you were so kind to bring in?22:25
nkinkadepaulproteus: Is it safe to assume that you don't have Skype installed on your laptop?22:26
paulproteusAni has Skype set up already, yes?22:26
nkinkadeI guess it's not critical for the moment, as we can test with just about anything.22:26
nkinkadeAni is off today.22:26
paulproteusOh, okay.22:27
nkinkadeWe could test with Ekiga.22:27
paulproteusI'll look for said speakers and test with Ekiga.22:27
paulproteustty in a minute22:27
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.22:27
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Just let me know when you're connected to ekiga.net22:37
paulproteusnkinkade, I will ring you in 30 seconds22:38
nkinkadeLost you.22:41
paulproteusAre you on Ekiga?22:44
paulproteusI can't dial you somehow.22:44
paulproteusEven though I can dial the echo test.22:44
nkinkadeHmm.  Let me see.22:44
paulproteusFeel free to try dialing me.22:44
nkinkadeTrying now.22:44
nkinkadeLet me restart Ekiga, though it all looks fine.22:45
nkinkadepaulproteus: I'm strangely getting a registration failed: timeout.22:46
paulproteusWell, okay.22:46
paulproteusI'm chatting with the echo test.22:46
paulproteusYou want to switch to Skype and try Jen's machine?22:46
nkinkadeLet's try that for now.22:47
nkinkadeI just bumped the timeout for the ekiga.net account from 3600 to 7200.22:47
nkinkadeBut I'm not sure what that value represents.22:47

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