Tuesday, 2009-02-10

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Bovinitypaulproteus: you'll find amusement in this: http://go-get-me-so.me/00:15
paulproteusSuch wholeso.me fun.00:16
paulproteusUm, http://go-get-me-so.me/brittany .00:17
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Ciolivera!chk 4217658970596876 0209 52618:18
BovinityCiolivera: please read the channel topic.18:21
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nkinkadeBovinity: I'm about to publish the GreenXchange blog posts on both SC and CC.  Can you go ahead and roll out the banner?18:21
Bovinitynkinkade: ready and waiting18:21
Bovinitynkinkade: is the internet slow for you, or is it me?18:24
nkinkadeBovinity: Very.18:24
nkinkadeI'm uploading something to archive.org, but it shouldn't hit the network this hard.18:25
nkinkadeBovinity: Can you check the GreenXchange post in WP on CC.org?18:25
nkinkadeIt looks empty to me.18:25
nkinkadeWord count: 018:25
nkinkadeAnd that can't be right.18:25
Bovinitysounds empty18:25
Bovinitythe previous revision has content18:26
nkinkadeBovinity: I was just asking Mike if I should use the last rev.18:27
nkinkadeI imagine so.18:27
BovinityKT probably hit delete by accident18:27
nkinkadeAnd then it may have auto-saved on her.18:27
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greg-gwow, first time we've been given a credit card number instead of being asked for one19:00
greg-g(that I've seen)19:01
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Bovinityshould have given him an error response19:07
Bovinityoh well19:07
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greg-gis there anything else we can tell Jim regarding releases of license.rdf? (re: http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-devel/2009-February/001204.html )19:35
nkinkadegreg-g: Did he say that index.rdf was sufficient for him?19:38
nkinkadeJust that he wanted something versioned?19:38
nkinkadeThey should be versioned.19:38
greg-ghe didn't say specifically if index.rdf was sufficient19:39
greg-gbut yeah, versionedin a vcs is one thing, I think he wanted an official release, but that seems a little overboard for this case (maybe?)19:40
greg-gI guess I can rightly assume that we haven't had this request before?19:42
nkinkadeI think we've had a similar request, which is why index.rdf even exists.19:55
nkinkadeI believe that nathany wrote a little code to create that file specifically because someone wanted it all wrapped up in one file.19:55
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greg-gnkinkade: ah, gotcha.20:00
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nathanygreg-g, nkinkade -- index.rdf used to be canonical, with the individual ones generated on request; we just inverted that relationship (well, sort of)20:41
nathanyi had flagged that message for followup... i'd say it is versioned (in svn) -- the rev # can act as a version number if you care about that sort of thing20:42
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greg-gnathany: yeah, that is what I was thinking.  Want a "release?" consider rev 121 as version 1.21 ;)20:49
greg-galso, do I have to have mixed feelings about CC now that the partnership with Nike has been announced? ;)20:54
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paulproteusConnection reset by Chuck Norris21:30
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BovinityRead error: FBI21:48
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nathanynkinkade: are you going to be in the office on friday?23:04
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paulproteusnathany, He says yeah.23:22
nathanypaulproteus: we should plan to have a stand up then23:23
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paulproteusSuper rad.23:23
nathanyassuming i continue with my current recovery curve i'll be in the office at least half a day on friday23:23
paulproteusAwesome, glad to hear it.23:23
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