Monday, 2009-02-02

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paulproteusnathany, Mornin'.16:08
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nathanymorning paulproteus16:37
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nathanygreg-g: can we check in in two minutes?17:00
greg-gnathany: yep17:00
nathanygreg-g: ok, calling momentarily17:02
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paulproteusnathany, I think I'll stay at home and see you all around lunchtime. (I'll finish the sanity checking of key case sensitivity here hopefully.) That okay?17:54
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nathanypaulproteus: sure17:59
paulproteusnathany, Okay to also destroy i18n/trunk/txt/ (which was presumably for Herder)?18:01
nathanypaulproteus: yes18:01
paulproteusHow I love destruction.18:01
nathanypaulproteus: i think we're going to need to go to a trunk/production model for strings eventually... just fyi18:02
* paulproteus nods18:02
paulproteusSince all we ever do is add strings, I'm not sure of that.18:02
paulproteusBut I guess that's not true; we might want to let some translations get committed that we don't want live for some reason.18:03
nathanypaulproteus: well we have situations where we want to prep changes from the existing PD dedication/assertion tool to *just* a PD assertion tool18:04
paulproteusSure, but the code can just change what it _()s...18:04
nathanywe probably just want to edit strings, but we'd like to allow people to translate before we make that lives18:04
paulproteus...wait, not with symbolic keys!18:04
paulproteusIt would be sensible enough to just pin the external to a known-good revision, and bump that once in the project that uses it when we know it's good.18:05
nathanypaulproteus: assuming linear, non-overlapping development models, I concur18:07
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paulproteusnathany, (a) svnmerge is SLOOOOW, (b) I might take the rest of the day at home, too, if that's okay.19:58
Bovinityno delicious thai food for you!19:58
nathanypaulproteus: a) yes. b) ok, but i'd appreciate it if you're in the next couple days since i'll be out starting thursday19:59
paulproteusOH RIGHT!19:59
nathanyand yes, no delicious thai food19:59
paulproteusNow that I figured out how to use the calendar in Emacs org mode, I should start using it.20:00
paulproteusI learned how to use it yesterday afternoon, only to discover that I had just missed an SF-LUG meeting that morning I had wanted to go to.20:01
paulproteusOkay, um, see you guys soonish, maybe 20m.20:02
nathanypaulproteus: you mean pulling calendar information from the .org files into your agenda?20:02
paulproteusnathany, Yeah, I hadn't configured any files to be agenda files, so making an agenda utterly faile.d20:06
nathanywell i'm totally fine if you want to WFH today... up to you, paulproteus20:06
paulproteusYes, well, I forgot that there's the Lila welcome, which I should totally go to.20:07
paulproteusSo I'll see you all soon.20:07
paulproteusNo need to seem like a stranger!20:07
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nathanynkinkade: we're going to play with using google chat a bit for video, etc21:08
nathanycan you add the SRV records to DNS for me?21:08
nkinkadenathany: I'll update them.21:09
nkinkade(right now)21:09
paulproteusYay DNS SRV!21:10
nkinkadenathany: Chatting with people outside of CC?21:11
nkinkadeThat page seems to indicate that the SRV entries aren't necessary if your chatting with other Apps or Gmail users.21:11
nathanysure, if you we're going to encourage people to use it as their IM identity when they come on (instead of making them use a personal AIM account) we'd like them to be able to chat with others21:11
nathanybut it is needed if you want to use non GTalk clients, IIRC21:12
nathany(so the client can find the jabber/xmpp server)21:12
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nkinkadenathany: those records are in place now.21:17
nathanythanks, nk21:17
nathanyer, thanks, nkinkade :)21:18
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paulproteusnathany, Merged.21:25
nathanypaulproteus: awesome21:47
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paulproteusnathany, Any reason we should keep the Pootle and Terminology projects enabled in our Pootle install?22:41
paulproteusI mean, I can give you some reasons, but I don't think they're compelling.22:42
nathanypaulproteus: no22:42
* paulproteus is writing that reminder script22:42
paulproteusnathany, There's something we're not doing right when NO is 100% done <> but the top of is untranslated.22:48
paulproteusI'll make a ticket about that and think about it shortly unless it's something obvious to you.22:48
nkinkadenathany: Any luck in testing the video chat with Google?22:51
nathanypaulproteus: yet another javascript/rdfa implementation23:11
nathanynkinkade: haven't tried yet; it doesn't work with linux so that sucks23:11
nkinkadenathany: I was just looking around to see how it all worked, because I hadn't seen any chat stuff in the Apps interface.23:11
paulproteusWow, I like their JSparql.23:11
nkinkadeI just saw in the admin area that you have to download their client to use Talk with Apps.23:12
nathanythat's a lie23:12
nathanyi use Pidgin and as a Jabber id23:12
nkinkade"To use Chat, users must download Google Talk (Windows only)"23:12
nathanyand I think i just connected as nathan@creativecommons.org23:12
nathanyyeah, i know23:13
nkinkadeThat's what's in the admin interface.23:13
nathanyit's a lie23:13
nkinkadeOkay, I'll take your word for it.23:13
paulproteusThe cake^Wadmin interface is a lie.23:13
nkinkadeWhat are your connection settings?23:13
nathanyi added a new GTalk account, set as the domain23:14
nathanyand then on the advanced tab set connect server to
paulproteusIn theory this should be what those SRV records were for. (-:23:14
nathanyi don't remember having to set that manually for, but maybe i did...23:16
nathanythat was a little while ago when i set that up23:16
paulproteusI think those are in the instructions just in case you didn't set up DNS properly, like my friend Daniel with
Bovinityi didnt set up the SRV stuff for, and gtalk/video works just fine23:18
paulproteusBy "those" I mean the suggestions to manually configure XMPP clients to hard-code the server.23:19
BovinitySRV only necessary to communicate to jabber outside of gtalk/apps23:19
paulproteusBovinity, You probably can't XMPP chat with me at then. )-:23:19
paulproteus(but who would want to?)23:19
nathanywhat's the dig command to look @ the SRV records?23:19
Bovinityno entrance to my walled garden23:20
paulproteusdig asheesh.org23:21
paulproteusI think.23:22
paulproteusNote that you must write the domain twice: Once as the domain to look up (last arg) and once in the query (second-to-last arg) because the SRV record name contains the domain name.23:22
paulproteusI think.23:22
nathanybut what should results look like?23:22
nathanyI get this for cc.org23:23
nathanylooks like its looking for an A, not SRV?23:23
paulproteusWhich reverse-DNSs to a5, so we're probably doing something wrong.23:23
nkinkadepaulproteus: I removed the domain name from the SRV record.23:23
nkinkade(maybe incorrectly)23:23
nathanyno, i think i typed something in wrong23:24
nkinkadeSo instead of ""  I just have "_jabber._tcp", but the part is implicit, or should be.23:24
paulproteusnkinkade, I think you're right.23:24
nathanythat sounds right to me23:24
paulproteusSo ignore what I said about twice.23:25
nkinkadeI did it to just clean up what Google was suggesting, and it seems to work.23:25
paulproteuspaulproteus@rose:~ $ dig -t srv
paulproteusThat does the right thing.23:25
paulproteusEr, only from rose?23:25
paulproteusOur in-office DNS drops SRV records.23:26
paulproteus$ dig -t srv @
paulproteusThat works.23:26
paulproteus$ dig -t srv @
nathanyok, cool23:26
nathanylooks right to me23:26
paulproteusMe too.23:27
paulproteus is win; filing ticket now for thinking about the production pushing UI.23:28
nathanypaulproteus: cool23:29
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nkinkadenathany: I just created a group chat on conference.jabber.org23:42
nkinkadeThe room is called cc200923:42
nathanydoes it persist?23:42
nkinkadeIt's password protected, just for fun.23:42
nkinkadeYes, I created it persistent.23:42
nkinkadeThe usual password.23:42
nkinkadenathany: I saw you enter, then leave immediately with an error.23:43
nathanyhrm, i just joined23:43
nkinkadenathan left the room (This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message: service-unavailable).23:43
nathanysame thing again?23:43
nkinkadeMaybe it something I configured badly?23:44
nathanysomething's weird23:44
nkinkadeYeah, you enter then immediately get kicked.23:44
nkinkadeInteresting, Jabber has a similar command structure to IRC.23:44
nkinkadeI just tried to invite you, but I doesn't seem to have done anything.23:45
paulproteusTry to invite if you would like.23:45
paulproteusnkinkade, I imagine that the "similar command structure" is a convenience of your client.23:45
paulproteusI'm pretty sure that on the wire XMPP looks nothing at all like IRC.23:45
nkinkadepaulproteus: You could be right.23:45
nkinkadenathany: I just removed the password.23:45
nathanyseems to be the same23:46
nkinkadeYeah, I can see you going in and then out.  Let me try a couple more options.23:47
nathanynkinkade: weird, your invite showed up in the web interface :)23:48
nkinkadenathany: haha.  Bizarre.23:48
nkinkadeWhere on the web interface?23:48
nathanyas a popup chat from cc200923:48
nkinkadeWith no options to connect or accept, I assume.23:49
nathanyi just signed out of the web interface so hopefully things will show up in pidgin now23:49
nkinkadeIt's a party in the CC google Apps GTalk now ... Jane, Alex, Fred, Mel, you, me ...23:49
nkinkadeI was just able to leave the room and then rejoin.23:50
nkinkadeBovinity: Are you able to join the room by chance?23:51
nkinkadeThat is, do you have a second to try. :-)23:51
nkinkadeI can probably hit up Fred to check.23:51
Bovinitynkinkade: Adium has a bunch of fields i need to fill out for chatroom, how does one do it from the web interface?23:52
nathanynkinkade: ha, i just joined the chat in time to see23:52
nkinkadeBovinity: Not sure.  The only fields I seemed to need were the room name and the server.23:52
nathanynkinkade left the room (This participant is kicked from the room because he sent an error message to another participant: service-unavailable).23:52
nathany(and now i seem to be kicked)23:53
nkinkadenathany: Yeah. I can't see to send a message.23:53
Bovinitynkinkade: should the server be anything specific?23:53
nathanywell this is fun but time for me to head home23:53
nkinkadeBovinity: conference.jabber.org23:53
nathanylet me know if you get it working :)23:53
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nkinkadenathany: Cool.  We can follow up tomorrow.23:53
Bovinityi joined.. nobody's there!23:53
nkinkadeBovinity: I'm in there, but something isn't right.23:54
Bovinityi can't even see how to join a chat from the web interface23:58
nkinkadeFred claims to be in the room.  I guess we can check this more tomorrow.23:59

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