Friday, 2009-01-02

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Nicola_Grecocan i ask some question^16:12
Nicola_GrecoCan i sell software that i licensed under CC-BY ?16:12
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nkinkadeHi Nicola_Greco.16:18
nkinkadeTwo things.  First, CC actively discourages people from licensing software with a CC license.16:18
nkinkadeSecond, in answer to your question, you, as the copyright holder, are not subject to the license that you place on your own work.16:20
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Nicola_Greconkinkade: why prototype is under cc-by ?17:59
nkinkadeNicola_Greco: Javascript?18:00
nkinkadePrototype is under an MIT license.18:00
Nicola_Greco:S wait18:00
nkinkadeOnly the documentation is under the CC-BY license.18:01
nkinkadeNicola_Greco: None of this is to say that someone cannot license software with a CC license, only that it is not recommended by CC.18:01
Nicola_Grecook i understand18:01
Nicola_Grecocan i sell something that is under cc-by ?18:02
nkinkadeSorry, I see that it's BY-SA, not just BY.18:02
nkinkadeNicola_Greco: There is nothing in a BY license that would prevent you from using the work for commercial purposes.18:02
nkinkademlinksva: Did you have any great preference for how I update the OpenID login-page text to include
nkinkadeRe: Diane's message from a week or two ago.18:09
mlinksvankinkade: you mean on the wiki?18:12
mlinksvai don't have any preconceived notion18:13
nkinkademlinksva: I'll just add some reasonable text.  Mostly I was questioning her comment about removing the pointers to the other OpenID providers, but I personally feel we should leave them.18:13
nkinkade... and just make a clear note that CC can now provide OpenID services to those who join the CC Network.18:14
mlinksvankinkade: mkaes sense18:19
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nathanypaulproteus: SYN19:03
mlinksvamecredis just mentioned to me about the facts box being repeated a bunch of times on show preview (talking about the wiki).  i've noticed before and seem to recall discussing it with someone but don't remember19:24
mlinksvaon another matter, i don't remember where the request tracker is19:24
mlinksvaand there isn't a link from code. or :)19:25
mlinksvankinkade could you add such links, or paste a request tracker url here and i'll file bugs for them? :)19:26
mecredisoh, Friday after new years19:28
mecredisBACK TO WORK19:28
mlinksvankinkade: that's what i meant19:34
nathanymlinksva: and i added a link to http://code.creativecommons.org19:34
mlinksvanathany: and i added links on Developer19:40
mecredisBovinity: the right pad on the Info box on looks a little small19:44
mecredisterms from "All ...19:44
mlinksvai couldn't figure out how to add a project in roundup19:45
mlinksvaso issue110 is under project "Code"19:45
nathanymlinksva: yeah, that's non-obvious19:47
paulproteusHowdy nathany.19:47
nathanyin the fullness of time i'll fix that :)19:47
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nathanymlinksva: I just added a "Web Properties" project for this sort of thing -- we can split into specific properties if that becomes needed19:51
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nkinkadeBovinity: I'm ready to move the new videos page in to place.  What should I do with /about/videos?20:59
paulproteusnathany, The test suite for liblicense now passes valgrind.21:01
paulproteus(At least, the out-of-bounds checking.)21:01
paulproteusThere are some smallish memory leaks that don't bother me.21:01
nathanyare the leaks in our code or dependencies? (or is it possible to tell?)21:01
paulproteusThere are some for sure in dependencies, and I can probably think of ones in ours.21:01
paulproteusWell, maybe not.21:02
paulproteusThere are some for sure in dependencies, as identified by Valgrind.21:02
paulproteusI don't know for sure re: ours.21:02
paulproteusWe're talking maybe a few K over dozens of liblicense calls, so I'm not too worried.21:02
Bovinitynkinkade: redirect, and change the link on /about21:03
paulproteusMaybe in a later cycle I'll have so few "real" problems to think about in liblicense that that'll seem worth becoming sure of.21:03
nkinkadeBovinity: Should I put the comic on the video index page as well?21:03
Bovinitynkinkade: yeah, for the sake of having it visible somewhere.21:04
nkinkadeBovinity: One other thing.  I manually set the dimensions of each video to 700x500, which seems fine, and the Flash player is smart enough to just leave some black edges or make it letterbox-style if it doesn't fit right.  Does that seem reasonable to you?21:05
Bovinitynkinkade: letterboxing is fine21:06
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paulproteusnathany, video2podcast:
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paulproteusnathany, re: "Read It Later":21:15
paulproteus    Read It Later is free to download and use. It is not open source however, you may not modify it’s code at this time.21:15
paulproteusNovember 5th, 200821:15
paulproteusI'm enthused by the new crop of proprietary Fx extensions.21:15
paulproteusIt seems it locks you in to
paulproteusI can't really *blame* them, since it's not like I put in the time to write the things.21:16
paulproteusBut still, I sigh.21:16
nathanywho knew :)21:16
nathany(i mean, i knew it wasn't configurable, didn't know that was the case)21:16
paulproteusThis is what happens when OS X and Windows developers get their grubby hands on my browser.21:18
* paulproteus calls the waaaa-mbulance.21:18
paulproteus"Since the pointers are not of compatible21:55
paulproteustypes, the compiler ends up optimizing out a memory21:55
paulproteusload between Py_INCREF(obj) and Py_INCREF(type) caching21:55
paulproteusa previously read value.  This causes the object21:55
paulproteusreference counter to only be incremented once instead of twice.  When the object is deallocated, the interpreter blows up." <>21:55
paulproteusIt seems I have a bug similar to that.21:56
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nkinkadepaulproteus: Do you by chance have any experience with matching URL fragments with mod_rewrite?22:32
nkinkadeNevermind.  Dumb question.22:33
nkinkadeI had a brain cramp and realized that the answer was in my own question.22:34
nkinkadeFragments aren't sent to the server, so they can never be matched on.22:34
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