Monday, 2008-03-03

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rejonpaulproteus: cc website seems down02:49
rejonmaybe news from nin?02:49
paulproteusrejon, Really? re: cc website02:49
paulproteusLemme see.02:49
paulproteus loads fine for me.02:50 shitty connection02:50
rejonworse than china02:50
paulproteusWell, I'm connecting via Joi's Lab.02:51
paulproteusSince I tunnel my web traffic...02:51
paulproteusWorks locally too.02:51
paulproteusI'm going to bed, see you tomorrow. (-:02:52
paulproteusFor lunch!02:52
rejonoh yah, i guess i need to get something ready02:52
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Riegeranyone know a good site on lots of DRM and Piracy information apart from ?06:15
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remaximthere is something bothering me and I don't know how to act... should I tell people if their CC work is abused?08:56
remaximI mean like somebody produced a song and that song was remixed by someone other and used for a game afterwards... the creator of the game still has to give attribution to the producer of the original song, doesn't he?08:57
remaximIt's an case I ve been watching for some days and there are already several things that seem to go wrong and I already tried to contact the author of the game, but he/she is just ignoring it.08:59
remaximis anybody in here?08:59
Riegerim here09:02
Riegerbut cant help09:02
Riegersoz :)09:02
remaximI just don't know how to act... and I don't want any damage to the developer as well09:03
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remaximhi tvol09:16
tvolhi remaxim09:16
remaximtvol, I watched a strange case of CC-"abuse" and don't know how to act... do you know something about stuff like this?09:17
tvolremaxim can you explain the case?09:18
remaximI m just an outsider, but I m quite sure that there is some abuse going on...09:18
remaximtvol, did you get my pms?09:20
remaximI don't want to harm anyone, that's why I don't want to tell the names of that case in public09:20
remaximdid you get my pm?09:25
remaximor do you want me to explain the case without telling names?09:25
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tvolyes remaxim i got your other message09:27
remaximtvol, is there any reason, why you're not answering? If you don't have the time or interest in that case.. it's no problem. Just tell me that09:35
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remaximhi Danny_B09:44
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remaximhi Paul_Miller10:20
Paul_Millerremaxim: Hi remaxim10:20
remaximhey... do you know much about CC licenses?10:21
remaximor the way most artist handle their problems if somebody violates them?10:21
Paul_Millerremaxim: violation of a CC license is like any other breach of copyright. Ultimately a matter for the courts... It might be easier to simply draw the violator's attention to the license they've breached?10:22
remaximyeah... I already tried that...10:23
Paul_Millerremaxim: Is it a localised license? Or the generic one?10:23
remaximactually I m not involved in that case... I just feel threatend by people not respecting the licenses10:23
Paul_Millerremaxim: Non-respect for licenses isn't a CC-specific problem...  :-(10:24
remaximand at the same time I don't want harm anyone ... that's why I m lookin for someone with experiences...10:24
remaximI know.. it unfortunatly isn't ... but it still would be good to talk to someone with experience, because I really don't know how to act10:25
remaximthere is a game using a song from a CC musician...10:25
remaximthat song uses some samples from other CC songs, which demand attribution, but the author of the game doesn't mention those musicians, who did the samples10:26
Paul_MillerBut the author of the game mentions the musician who assembled the samples?10:28
remaximno, he only mentions the musicians who remixed the samples10:29
remaximand did that song10:29
remaximanother problem is that the author of this game works on a sequel for this freeware game, which as I understood is going to be released commercially ... he already shows some "videos ads" for that game using that song, but this song and one of its samples uses the NC clause! he even won a quite big prize for that game(=the sequel), which is probably also the result of that great CC song ... the author himself says that this song helped the game very much10:32
remaximas the author only mentions one musician (the guy who remixed all that stuff) and told thanks for allowing everyone using his song, I guess that he don't really have any idea that he is violating the copyright and he probably didn't talk to any of the musicians10:34
remaximI already tried to contact the author by leaving youtube and blog comments... probably I should find an email and send him an email! but than he probably wouldn't mention anything about that prize he won and (IMHO) also belongs to the musicians...10:35
remaximPaul_Miller, what's your opinion on that?10:35
Paul_Millerremaxim: I am not a lawyer... but it would certainly be worth trying to find that email address, to explore the situation with the game's author.10:37
remaximok, thank you10:40
remaximPaul_Miller, it's already solved10:45
Paul_Millerremaxim: That was quick!10:47
remaximI just looked up his blog once again and it seems like he already took care of everything... at least the stuff about the non commercial clause! he still doesn't mention the other musician who did the sample...10:47
Paul_Millerremaxim: Maybe he's on this channel...  ;-)10:47
remaximHe edited the entry where I left the comment...10:47
remaximas I already said: "I already tried to contact the author by leaving youtube and blog comments..." ;)10:48
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remaximI left him another comment that he still forgot someone ;) ... I m quite calmed down after I red that ...11:03
remaximso have a nice day11:03
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paulproteusrejon, ping, check your mail11:49
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rejonpaulproteus: there are just so damn many ;)11:51
rejonpaulproteus: no worries11:52
paulproteusOkay, cool.11:52
rejondo we have newer screenshots?11:52
paulproteusI don't think so.  I haven't taken any, I'm afraid.11:53
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rejonoh shit12:41
paulproteusI find the first comment interesting.12:43
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tvolhey rejon we doing skype or should i call in to conf line?12:57
CIA-3bse * r9252 /ccwordpress/trunk/www/images/projects/ (plus.png zero.png): New projects icons12:59
rejon1 min13:08
tvolrejon affirmativo13:08
CIA-3bse * r9253 /ccwordpress/trunk/www/images/projects/ccrel.png: ccREL project icon13:26
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CIA-3 r9252 | bse | 2008-03-03 12:59:23 -0600 (Mon, 03 Mar 2008) | 2 lines13:52
CIA-3 New projects icons13:52
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tvolhi nathany14:30
tvolnathany nevermind.../me fixed it14:49
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Bovinitypaulproteus: not that you need any more incentive for using Git. But,
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nathanypaulproteus: Bovinity: rejon: so i'm working on revamping the whole "Developer Challenges" idea on the wiki in preparation for GSoC15:39
nathanyI don't love the "Challenge" name -- they're not necessarily challenging, and we're not offering rewards (beyond fame and glory)15:39
nathanyany idea for alternate labels?15:39
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paulproteusI don't mind the Challenge name, although iirc you actually did some back in the day.15:56
nathanyand now that i'm thinking about it, we may as well keep it15:57
nathanynothing obviously better comes to mind15:57
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rejonyah, keep challenge...16:19
rejonsmw it16:19
rejonalso, want to do the same for other types, so would be good if we can make like "creative" "science" etc16:19
rejonobviously tech is the first one16:20
rejonchallenge is good16:20
rejonwe could connect up some reward on the other end16:20
rejonlike gsoc mentorship16:20
rejonfree hug16:20
nathanyI'm just calling them generic "challenges" right now; may deprecated the "Developer Challenges" category in favor of the intersection of Challenge and Develoepr16:21
paulproteusnathany, FWIW in SMW, recall that categories generate RDF with the classOf attribute.16:22
paulproteusSo a page that is both a Category:Challenge and category:Developer is exported as a "Developer".16:23
paulproteusBetter might be a subcategory of Challenge, "Developer Challenge"?16:23
nathanypaulproteus: good point16:23
paulproteusThen a page that has Category:Developer_Challenge is, in fact, a Developer Challenge.16:23
rejonyah, totally great16:24
rejonone project for interns this summer is to run some non-tech challenges16:24
rejongreat you are hitting that16:24
rejonI'll jump in too if you make the category to allow more16:24
nathanyof course it makes configuring the templates a bit of a pain, sigh...16:24
rejoni sold eric on as well16:24
rejonlook at my sad16:25
nkinkadeBovinity: do you still plan to use learn-staging at all?16:30
Bovinitynkinkade: in the future, as new learn stuff develops, yes16:30
* paulproteus hugs rejon's smiley16:31
nkinkadeI'd like to move it to a816:31
nkinkadeany reason you can think of that it shouldn't be on a8?16:31
Bovinitywas just gonna ask if you were oging to do that.16:31
nkinkadenone I can think of.16:31
Bovinityit makes sense16:31
nkinkadeIt'll still be totally separate ... just want to get all the cclearn stuff in one place.16:31
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nkinkadepaulproteus: nathany: I'm going to blast the DNS wildcard right now.  I've configured everything.  Any objections, or just hoorahs?16:39
nathanyjust hoorahs16:40
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nathanyBovinity: nkinkade: have either of you started looking @ the CSS things on the wiki i emailed about?16:43
nathanyi was going to try and fix now if neither had16:44
nkinkadenathany: I saw the mail but haven't looked at it yet.16:46
paulproteusnathany, Hooray!16:46
nathanynkinkade: i'm fixing now16:46
paulproteusnkinkade, I've been waiting for this for YEARS.16:46
paulproteusOkay, maybe not years.16:46
paulproteusnathany, The February fast pass colors were the best I've ever seen.16:47
paulproteusThis month's sort of suck.16:47
nathanyyeah, it is a let down16:47
nathanyesp after the electric pink/blue that was january :)16:48
* paulproteus nods and sighs.16:48
Bovinityi'm gonna miss collecting fast passes16:48
nathanythat's the cost of moving under Oakland's ass :)16:49
Bovinityit sure is16:49
Bovinityi can only hope AC Transit has equally creative passes16:49
nathanypaulproteus: so obviously the sub-category idea you posited was correct16:51
* paulproteus looks forward to the but16:51
nathanybut SF won't let you autocomplete on a category's sub-categories16:51
nathanyoh, wait16:51
nathanyno, nevermind16:51
nathanyit doesn't :)16:51
paulproteusI see.  Zen, file a bug!16:51
paulproteuss/file a bug/mail the list/16:52
nathanyfine, suggestions for making it work today? :)16:52
nathanymy thought is to use a "fake" enumeration type16:52
nkinkadethe wildcard for is gone.  so, is now available.16:52
paulproteusnathany, Does it really need to work today?16:55
paulproteusOr can it work "in the next few days if Yaron fixes it"?16:55
paulproteusIf so, just do it right, and if he doesn't answer then work around it in 3-4d imho.16:55
nathanyeh, i suppose16:55
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paulproteusBovinity, Yeah, I saw this "Git is the new sliced bread^W^WUNIX" essay before. (-:17:17
paulproteusI actually do agree that it's pretty great.17:17
paulproteusI secretly want to write a trivial dirvish (rsync-based backup tool) that uses git.17:18
Bovinitysounds good17:18
Bovinityi've been contemplating how effective git would be for backup usage17:19
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isforinsectspaulproteus: did you have a white ibook back in 2004?  I think I just found you in a thread on the ubuntu forums... small world.17:26
paulproteusisforinsects, Of course you did.17:26
paulproteusDon't mistake me being famous for it being a small world.17:26
nkinkadenathany: is it a MW config to get get extension versions to display on the Special:Version page or should it do it by default?17:31
nathanyextensions typically register a function that MW calls generating that page17:31
nathanyif you upgraded something and its not showing up, try "touch"-ing LocalSettings.php to prevent caching17:32
nkinkadeOr maybe it's because I'm not logged in ... ?17:32
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CIA-3paulproteus * r9255 /liblicense/trunk/ trivial git-svn workaround18:03
nathanypaulproteus: does liblicense/XMP support SVG?18:13
paulproteusnathany, I don't remember, but I think so?18:13
paulproteusIf you want a firmer answer I can spend a few minutes looking into it, but I'd rather fix the bugs I introduced. (-:18:14
nathanynot that important18:14
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CIA-3paulproteus * r9256 /liblicense/trunk/liblicense/license_info.c: should define it sometime18:38
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nkinkade"We think that acting in accordance with principles is important ..."19:54
Bovinity"We decided to keep IE7?s Standards mode available in IE8. Our thinking was that this facility would be helpful as the web moves gradually from the large quantity of legacy content authored around IE7?s behaviors to a new era of much more interoperable and web standards compliant browsers."19:54
nkinkadeDid they mean to stay "standards"??19:54
Bovinitythat "new era" started about 7 years ago.19:55
nkinkadeIt they meant to say principles, I think it's arguable whose principles they are referring to.19:55
Bovinitytheir own "interoperablity principles" i imagine19:56
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CIA-3paulproteus * r9257 /liblicense/trunk/tests/ for tests20:12
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CIA-3paulproteus * r9258 /liblicense/trunk/liblicense/module_wrangler.c: If the init function is null, don't call it.20:40
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