Wednesday, 2007-07-18

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gavinbakeroh, right. i should have mentioned the nsfw-ness00:50
gavinbakeri forget about work when i'm not working00:50
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sciboyHey guys, got something you might find interesting.06:24
sciboyCheck out the reaction in the comments. =)06:25
sciboyI'm training as an artist/animator so I find how defensive they become rather funny.06:28
papyromancersciboy: I'm all for sharing in the creative process, and I think the negative reaction in the comments is central to what brought about CC licenses to begin with... I would prefer that any work I contribute to be free for any individual, but I think a 14 year copyright wouldn't protect me, or others who shared in the creation of the work from being taken advantage of by a corporation.06:30
sciboy14 years is a tad short, but add on a 14 year extension and it seems pretty good to me.06:31
papyromancerI'll grant that :)06:31
sciboyI was more finding the "It should be mine forever!" reaction funny.06:33
papyromancerI was siding with the starving graphic novelist :)06:34
sciboyI figure if I haven't moved on from a single product in 28 years, I'm just being damn lazy.06:35
papyromancerthat wouldn't make for a very good resume06:36
sciboyHow so?06:36
papyromancerI mean that if you can only do one thing, you'll wind up like Henry Darger, mopping floors in a hospital and working all night on your 30,000 page book06:37
papyromancerand illustrating it06:37
sciboyThe question is who has the attention span for 30,000 pages. =P06:39
papyromancersticking with one piece of work for a long time is admirable, but if you want to make a living communicating with people through media you have a variety of vehicles for your vision06:39
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sciboyYup, look at Asimov, many different books, all in one universe. =P06:40
papyromancerand so much fun to read :)06:42
papyromancerwell sciboy, I wish you goodnight06:42
sciboySleep well. =)06:42
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j1sHi - I have some basic questions in regards to ccHost. Would this be a good place to start, instead of going apes*** on the maillist?08:19
j1sAnyone active on this channel?08:20
sciboyI am, but I'm of no help.08:31
j1sThanks. Should I just use the maillist. I have some questions about ccHost on Lighttpd and general hacking of ccHost.08:34
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hubrejon: re you mail: Adobe have had my CV since last year15:50
hubrejon: btw no way I'll go work for them15:50
hubI'm happy with Novell :-)15:50
rejonok, I just figured you might know someone15:51
rejonwould be good to get someone in open source in there15:52
rejonlook at the miracles keith packard has done since he started working at intel15:52
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themayoryo yo yo16:12
tvolhey themayor16:16
tvoltannewt is making another revised version of the livecd with some bugs worked out...and we can upload host on our server here16:17
themayortvol: ah okay, i was about to tell you i have it up on my account16:21
themayoritll be up there in about 2 minutes16:21
themayorif you have something new, you can upload it to arls machine and tell me and i can sync it16:22
tvolok i will alert tannewt...thanks!16:23
themayorokay, so let me ask you this16:23
themayordid you guys get a dbus error at all?16:23
themayorbecause i tried on two machines and dbus failed to start both those times16:23
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tvolthat i don't know but i do know we had it running on two machines here16:25
themayorokay, otherwise, my main concern was that i think we should redo the splash pages to include the CC logo and not just fedora16:28
themayori want fedora branding in there, but i wanty CC too16:30
themayorits more important for me that people see the CC than the fedora16:31
themayorthey will know tis fedora16:31
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tvoltop 'o the morning16:37
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rejontop top16:38
evanprorejon: hey, are you in town next Monday?16:39
evanproBy "town" I mean "San Francisco"16:39
tannewtthemayor, were you talking about the grub boot screen?16:39
evanproI'm going to SF for a wedding, and I'll be in the city on Monday16:40
evanproIt might be fun to have lunch...16:40
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evanpro...sending email to that effect...16:41
themayortannewt: yes16:42
themayorwe should definitely make it a mashup boot screen16:42
tannewtthemayor, alright, I'll talk to Alex about it when he gets here16:43
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rejonevanpro: yes16:49
rejonwould be great!16:49
evanproOK, let's shoot for 12-1 at the CC offices, OK?16:49
rejon171 2nd st, suite 30016:50
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orangejellothemayor: and now on http..
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tannewtrejon, your computers here17:12
tannewtorangejello, have you tried it?17:12
orangejellotannewt: i was playing with the livecd in a qemu session and i think i need to burn it and play with it on a real computer ;17:12
themayortannewt: i tried it on two machines17:13
themayordbus errored out but otherwise, it was more or less good17:13
themayorsee my comment above to tvol about splash screen17:13
tannewtthemayor, where did you see the error? yeah17:13
themayortannewt: during boot17:13
themayorand in the logs17:13
orangejellothemayor: did the clock applet crash for you?17:13
orangejelloi'm thinking that was an issue with qemu and not the cd17:14
tannewtorangejello, I test it in qemu too17:14
orangejellotannewt: did you run into any hiccups in it?17:14
tannewtorangejello, just some things in the wrong place and one dead link so far17:15
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paulproteusI just realized I could do .17:49
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nathany_paulproteus: that trick never works ;)18:03
tannewtpaulproteus, can we legally have flash on the livecd?18:03
paulproteustannewt, Oh, go read the license. (-;18:03
paulproteusiirc you are allowed to redistribute it.18:03
tannewtpaulproteus, I figured you already had18:04
paulproteustannewt, I did, just some time ago.18:04
paulproteusI'll check for you. (-:18:04
tannewtpaulproteus, sweet thanks, you backing up your usb?18:04
paulproteusnathany_, I already tried swapping PCBs.  I wonder if putting the platters in a happier drive would work okay.18:04
paulproteus is the license, tannewt.18:04
paulproteustannewt, Hmm, it doesn't seem redistribution is allowed.18:05
paulproteus2.2.2 links to ...18:06
paulproteuswhich links to ...18:06
paulproteustannewt, ...18:06
paulproteusIt's not a very Free Software thing to do, but it seems they do grant permission for what you want to do: "#18:07
paulproteus# Licensee is permitted to distribute Adobe Web Players to multiple end-users by including the Player installers on CDs, DVDs or other physical media."18:07
themayortannewt, tvol_: two comments18:08
themayorone, icon placement on the desktop is not good18:08
themayorsecond, when will you populate those folders with content?18:08
tannewtthemayor, the next build I'm uploading right now has content18:08
tannewtthemayor, where do you think the icons should go?18:09
paulproteustannewt, Gotta reboot before I can do that backup; is what you need to read.18:09
tannewtpaulproteus, okay, thanks i will18:10
tannewtthemayor, the only icons we have on the next build are the ones in the upper left18:10
themayortannewt: i dont know, down the right or left side18:10
themayoralso, personally, i hate the panel being on the bottom, that could just be me18:11
themayormaybe if it didnt have all 3 categories like that it would be better18:11
themayorbut i dont know18:11
themayorlets see the new build and then play with that a little18:11
themayorand see where that gets us18:11
tannewt3 categories?18:12
tannewtthemayor, 3 categories?18:16
paulproteusnathany_, Do you say that because you actually know people who have tried a platter swap?18:17
themayortannewt: yeah, the applications, places, system or whatever those are18:19
orangejellotannewt: do we care about the wireless networking aspect of the live cd?18:20
tannewtthemayor, oh, you want me to use a different menu?18:22
orangejellothemayor, tannewt: we can replace the "Menu Bar" (aka 3 categories) with the "Main Menu" from the "Add to Panel" option18:22
themayorthis way they are all in one18:22
themayormaybe that would be nice for the bottom18:22
themayorthe only reason its split in 3 is because we usually have two panels and allows for more real estate for the task bar18:23
tannewtorangejello, wireless is not super important, I did get it working with ipw2200 and ipw210018:23
tannewtthemayor, right but the main menu only has the fedora logo to click18:24
orangejellotannewt: i see, it's working with my ipw210018:24
themayorwhat do you have now? the cc logo? i didnt pay attention really18:25
tannewtthemayor, the three category one is stock fedora18:25
orangejellotannewt: do we not want the fedora logo?18:26
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orangejellotannewt: or do we just want something with more clarity?18:26
tannewtorangejello, the fedora logo is fine, its just that with the main menu it doesn't seem obvious thats where the menu is18:27
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orangejellotannewt: that's true, it would be cool to change the icon with the logo + the word menu18:29
themayori didnt know that18:29
themayori think we might be able to do it18:30
themayorlet me ask someone who might know18:30
tannewtwell, my process is just modify things on a running copy and then tar the home directory up18:30
bovinitywe can easily change the fedora start icon to a cc icon18:30
themayorbovinity: yeah, its not the issue18:31
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cameronparkinsboinity, tvol, tannewt: curry?19:14
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BjornWcameronparkins: can you tell me a bit more about what you tried with regards to the anarchy media player plugin19:27
tannewtBjornW, hes at lunch19:28
BjornWtannewt: ok, thanks I'll wait for him to come back ;)19:28
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tannewtyo rejon19:34
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tannewtrejon, your comp came19:48
rejonyah, mine died last night19:49
rejonthank goodness for this one!!!!!!19:49
tannewtrejon, ok19:50
cameronparkinsBjornW: hey sorry about that19:57
cameronparkinsso i uploaded the AMP plugin19:57
cameronparkinswhich i actually use on my own blog and am pretty familiar with19:57
cameronparkinsand then i tried to upload an ogg file that i dl-ed off of wikimedia commons19:57
tannewtthemayor and orangejello, by the time this disc is uploaded it'll be obsolete20:12
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themayortannewt: the new one you mean?20:29
*** gavinbaker has quit IRC20:30
tannewtthemayor, yeah, the one that is up now I made yesterday morning, I'm uploading one I made last night and we're working on another20:30
tannewtthemayor, the second one is 73% done20:31
themayorthe more iterations we have, the better we can make sure it is20:31
themayorwhat changes have you made to the lastest one?20:31
tannewtthemayor, the difference between last night's and todays?20:32
tannewttvol_, I'm gonna get started on the share remix reuse pages20:32
tvol_tannewt ok20:33
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ssalevanhey guys, i was wondering if I could ask a CC-related question20:37
tannewtssalevan, shoot20:37
BjornWcameronparkins: sorry I was away for a few minutes20:37
ssalevanbasically, I'm working with Red Hat and a radio station known as WKNC to create a project wherein we'd bring in live bands and record them, then license all content produced under creative commons20:37
cameronparkinsBjornW: no problem20:37
BjornWso you uploaded a file and then?20:37
cameronparkinsit gave me an error message20:38
cameronparkinssaying it wasn't able to upload it20:38
BjornWcameronparkins: what kind20:38
cameronparkinslemme go back and check again...20:38
ssalevanthe trouble is, we have no idea how to make something that a group could sign that would make CC licensing legally binding20:38
BjornWok, you need to add the mime type to the blog20:38
ssalevanand we were wondering if you guys knew how we could proceed for that or could point us to some people who are good at that sort of thing20:39
cchelpbotNOTICE: SVN: cctools: [6283] jswidget/trunk: Revision: 6283 Author: paulproteus Date: 2007-07-18 13:34:09 -0700 (Wed, 18 Jul 2007) Log Message: ----------- widget now has jurisdictions from license_xsl/licenses.xml Modified Paths: -------------- jswidget/trunk/ Removed20:39
cchelpbotNOTICE: Paths: ------------- jswidget/trunk/cclabs-style.css jswidget/trunk/style.css This was sent by the collaborative development platform, the world's largest Open Source development site.20:39
BjornWotherwise WP will not allow you to upload an ogg file20:39
BjornWyou can use the other file I attached to the email yesterday20:40
cameronparkinsBjornW: The uploaded file could not be moved to /hosting/
cameronparkinsWarning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /hosting/ in /hosting/ on line 122120:40
cameronparkinsi added that to the blog i thought...20:41
BjornWcameronparkins: can you upload any other files? Try a jpg if you would20:42
BjornWcameronparkins: seems like an upload issue and not an AMP issue20:43
cameronparkinsindeed it is - is there some folders that need to be made writeable?20:44
*** __shawn has quit IRC20:45
BjornWcameronparkins: perhaps. I had the same issues with CC NL (is on the same server...) let me have a quick look..20:45
BjornWcameronparkins: seems to be the same issue. I need to contact the sysadmin...*sigh* this server has so many 'protections' it's ridiculous...20:48
cameronparkinsBjornW: haha - no problem20:49
cameronparkinsthis stuff gets sticky...20:49
BjornWcameronparkins: that does sound weird man ;)20:50
tannewtrrrojer, how are you doing on the reuse icon?20:52
rrrojertannewt: got started and then distracted, lemme finish that up now20:53
tannewtrrrojer, cool20:53
*** luis__ is now known as luisv20:53
tannewtwho came up with share, reuse, remix?20:53
rrrojerwhat is the difference btw reuse and remix?20:54
rejonthey are all the same20:54
tannewtrrrojer, thats what I'm wondering20:54
bovinityreuse is like recycling, remix is building upon20:54
rrrojerso whats the difference between sharing and recycling?20:54
tannewtbovinity, reuse lacks alteration of the original work right?20:54
bovinityi suppose20:55
tannewtbovinity, what are some examples of reusing?20:55
bovinityshare and reuse are more similar than reuse and remix20:55
rejonthree Rs20:56
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BjornWcameronparkins: hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow, sorry for this. I had to check this up front.20:57
cameronparkinsBjornW: no problem20:58
BjornWcameronparkins: thanks. Btw check out the example on my own blog to see if it works for your machine:
tannewtbovinity, rrrojer rejon, tvol_  eric is going to join us shortly20:59
tvol_tannewt ok20:59
cameronparkinsBjornW:  working on mine21:00
*** kristallpirat has joined #cc21:00
BjornWcameronparkins: ok, cool. I already changed some stuff in the plugin. Shall I send you the new version?21:01
tannewttvol_, is all of the content on the cd by only?21:02
tvol_no, but most of it is21:02
tannewttvol_, any nd sutff?21:02
tvol_let me check those books21:03
tvol_one of the books is - the very short stories one21:05
tannewttvol_, okay, thanks21:05
themayorssalevan: who are you working with from red hat?21:07
ssalevanthemayor: well, I work for red hat myself and we might get gdk involved too21:08
themayorssalevan: me too!21:09
ssalevanthemayor: ohh cool, are you in the Raleigh office?21:09
luisvhe is one of those snotty new yorkers ;)21:09
ssalevanahhh, that makes sense:)21:10
cameronparkinsrejon: mike and eric gave this post the go ahead, just fyi21:10
cchelpbotNOTICE: SVN: cctools: [6284] jswidget/trunk/js/cc-license.js: Revision: 6284 Author: paulproteus Date: 2007-07-18 14:18:15 -0700 (Wed, 18 Jul 2007) Log Message: ----------- cc-license.js has a fixed size for the CC license button while waiting for it to download Modified Paths:21:18
cchelpbotNOTICE: -------------- jswidget/trunk/js/cc-license.js This was sent by the collaborative development platform, the world's largest Open Source development site.21:18
cchelpbotNew news from PodTech Pays Lan Bui for CC Licensed Photograph <>21:18
orangejellotannewt: will you be building a new ISO anytime soon?21:29
tannewtorangejello, yeah, by the end of the day21:29
rejoncameronparkins: that post is great...just trying to go by the book ;)21:30
rejoncool...would be great to blog about it and get some more people to try...21:31
cameronparkinstotally - it was difficult, by the book was the only way to do it21:31
tannewtrejon, talkin to me?21:31
orangejellotannewt: cool21:32
tannewtorangejello, any requests what I should change?21:32
rejonoh yah...tvol, could you blog that later...I think we need to get mass eyes on...21:33
rejonOMG, i'm so overloaded with developers21:33
orangejellotannewt: it was fine except for the things that were mentioned earlier, content, main menu21:33
rejonlike all the gnome hackers in one hotel21:33
rejonand only net connection in the lobby....crazy21:33
tannewtrejon, eh? whats the liblicense response?21:33
rejonmy brain is going into shutdown21:34
orangejellotannewt: i'm not sure about the icon placement thing, i sorta like the vertical layout21:34
rejongood good...showing to openmoko devs, to irex epaper guy just now21:34
rejonthey are all in21:34
rejonreally makes it clear21:34
rejonexplains the ideas21:34
rejonits like flickr for the deskop21:34
rejonor something :)21:34
tannewtorangejello, ah, versus the horizontal?21:34
rejonthe whole message at guadec is moving to the online desktop21:34
rejonweb 3.0 ish21:34
tannewtrejon, flickr for the desktop?21:35
tannewtrejon, whatever that means21:35
rejoni mean how easy it is for licensing content, etc21:35
orangejellotannewt: lol sorry, my thought's just got mixed up.. i DO LIKE the horizontal.21:35
rejonyah, met up many from redhat team working on online desktop, havoc, bryan clark, owen taylor and others21:35
rejonso, good things in the works21:35
tannewtrejon, cool21:35
tannewtorangejello, sweet21:36
tannewtrejon, should we put credits on the cd?21:36
rejonon the physical cd21:37
rejonI'm still getting to that email21:37
*** luis_ has joined #cc21:37
tannewtrejon, as in a file with our names in it21:38
rejonof course21:39
rejongotta give respekt21:39
themayoryeah, you can put credits in21:39
themayorwhy not21:39
themayoryou guys deserve it21:39
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*** e-star_ has joined #cc21:41
*** libervisco has joined #cc21:41
*** luisv has quit IRC21:45
*** e-star_ has quit IRC21:47
paulproteusrejon, If you haven't been reading the commit emails, I have a useful prototype of JsWidget already.21:50
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*** Cbrown1023 has quit IRC21:51
rejonof course21:52
*** luis_ has quit IRC21:53
rejonpaulproteus: this is brilliant!21:53
rejoncool! what is the timeline you and nathany are working on on it21:54
tannewtrejon and themayor I wrote a quick python script to roll credits21:54
tannewtit'll be an easter egg21:54
*** e-star has quit IRC21:58
themayortannewt: awesome21:59
themayorso is a new build up somewhere yet?21:59
themayorshould i wait until tomorrow21:59
tannewtthemayor, its rolle din the console21:59
tannewtthemayor, the build is up but the dns hasn't been updated yet22:00
themayorby the way, lets get on the phone tommorrow and hammer our the rest of the details so that we can make sure we are done by friday22:00
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tannewtthemayor, alright, whats the agenda look like?22:01
paulproteusrejon, Well, I'm currently stuck on translation.22:01
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rejonyah, fun22:13
*** kristallpirat has quit IRC22:13
tannewtrejon, themayor and orangejello,
tvol_woo hoo!22:16
tannewtand we're about to make another22:23
orangejellotannewt: is that the new one?22:23
tannewtorangejello, I made it last night22:23
bovinitytannewt, nevermind, i found the grub bootsplash docs22:24
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orangejellotannewt: ah ok so i have that one22:24
tannewtbovinity, okay22:24
bovinity640x480, 14 colour, xpm... joy.22:24
tannewtorangejello, no, the one you have I made yesterday morning22:24
tannewtits name is ccLiveCD-071707.iso22:25
orangejellotannewt: ah22:25
*** Cbrown1023 has joined #cc22:28
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tannewtorangejello, this next one is even better22:28
* tannewt kills cchelpbot22:28
BjornWcameronparkins: got it working on your blog?22:30
cameronparkinsBjornW:  sorry i misunderstood what oyu said earlier - thought oyu emant oyu were doing it on your blog22:30
cameronparkinslemme give it a shot22:30
BjornWcameronparkins: no, I already did it, see
BjornWDoes it work for you?22:31
BjornWI mean, can you see  the test movie on my blog?22:31
cameronparkinsBjornW: ah yes - yes yes yes22:31
cameronparkinsi totally can22:31
BjornWcameronparkins: nice!22:32
cameronparkinssorry i thought i said that earlier - its been a spacey day...22:32
BjornWcameronparkins: np, It's hot here and my brain is melting as well ;)22:32
cameronparkinsso yes - it seems the plugin works, just we need special server access for the SOM blog22:33
BjornWcameronparkins: yeah, I hope this will be done by tomorrow22:34
paulproteusI think I'm going to stick to zero non-free software on my work machine, so no Java or Flash for me.22:34
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BjornWcameronparkins: after that  this first version of AMP can be used22:34
BjornWpaulproteus: isn't java already gpl?22:35
paulproteusBjornW, Yes, but not as distributed by Sun iirc.22:35
BjornWpaulproteus: I'm not sure about that...anyway22:35
paulproteusLike, you can't ask them for the source to JDK5.0, but there's a separate software suite you can download that is (nearly?) complete that is basically the same.22:35
paulproteusBasically the same idea as OOo vs. StarOffice.22:35
BjornWpaulproteus: ah22:35
BjornWpaulproteus: startoffice still exists?22:36
paulproteusI think so, and I think they sell copies of it sometimes too.22:36
BjornWpaulproteus: funny...never seen anyone using it...22:36
paulproteusI used to use it back in 2001 or something. (-:22:39
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BjornWpaulproteus: man, you were hardcore ;)22:46
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paulproteusStill am (-;22:46
BjornWpaulproteus: haha :D22:53
BjornWhe guys, gotta sleep. see you all later..22:54
*** BjornW has left #cc22:54
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*** luisv has joined #cc23:18
*** libervisco has quit IRC23:20
tvol_another livecd revision on the way - yay scott!23:30
*** hub has quit IRC23:32
*** hub has joined #cc23:35
luisvrevs publicly available anywhere yet?23:38
*** rrrojer has quit IRC23:41
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